How do I get support?

For technical problems, Discord or Email. At the bottom of each Worldmill page are a pair of icons:

For billing problems, Email or Contact Number from any of our invoices.

We are in the UK (0 UTC Timezone) which will dictate our responsiveness to some degree.

How do I upload content to my mill?

Please see the section on our guide page

Do my friends have to pay to log in?

No. Simply tell them your mill's address and configure your games as normal with Foundry.

Do my friends need a worldmill account to play my games?

No. Simply tell them your mill's address.

Is my stuff backed-up?

You can back-up your content on demand to our backup system. There is a backup button for each mill and you backup each mill individually. Additionally, we provide a general file management system (WebDAV clients) which makes it easy for you to add/remove content to/from your mill whenever you wish.

What happens to my stuff if I cancel?

When you cancel your subscription, you will be able to access the site as normal until your subscription expires. During this period you can upload/download data as you would normally. When your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to access your site(s) or your data using the normal mechanism. We will keep your data for 1 month in an archive and provide a mechanism by which you can download the archive. After that time, we will delete your archive.

Do I need a different subscription if I run different games?

No. We provide a hosting facility for Foundry VTT. We provide hosting capacity in units of "mills". Each mill is a running instance of Foundry VTT with its own storage and resources. You can choose how much capacity you wish to buy from us. Most people will only need to subscribe to 1 mill at a time (after all, you are unlikely to be running more than 1 game at a time) and you can switch games within that single mill as much as you like.

Some users may choose to subscribe to multiple mills. That mechanism is primarily intended for game clubs, stores or other such organisations that would like to run multiple games in parallel at the same time under a single account. An individual user could use this facility if they so choose.

Each mill has a name that your provide when you create it. That name is unique within worldmill, and you will have an address generated from your name that is SSL secured and acts as your access point to foundry.

For example, if you named your mill example, your url would be "https://example-mill.worldmill.online/"

When you run multiple mills in parallel (i.e.: you have more than 1 subscription), then each separate mill must have its own Foundry VTT license.

Can I get my friends to help pay for the subscription?

One person/organisation must pay for the subscription, that's a limitation of our payment provider.

What are the steps to subscribe?

Start your journey by signing-up

Is the payment secure?

Yes. We use stripe to process our payments securely.

How do I renew my subscription every month?

Subscriptions will automatically renew as long as your payment method is valid. We'll nag you if, for example, your credit card expires. At which point you'll get the opportunity to update your payment method.

Is there a discount for buying a year’s subscription?

No. We'd rather make it easy for you to leave if you are unhappy. We offer monthly subscriptions at affordable prices with a 14 day free trial evaluation period. You can cancel any time and your subscription will continue to run until the end of your subscription period.